The Company Rental Instruments S.L. was created from the staff and material coming from ProShow Servicios al Espectáculo SCCL, pioneering company in Catalonia and Spain in offering the backline renting service. Noawadays, following the new techonologies, Set-Up keeps updating and renewing its material stock as well as the training of its stuff, in order to guarantee the highest quality service.
From the beginning, Set-Up has been working with:

  • Audiovisual Production:

    Supplying instruments for all kind of shooting: musical videoclips, advertisements, TV programs, movies, etc.

  • Show Production:

    Making available all the human, logistic and material resources related to the backline, for tours, concerts and festivals.

  • Musicians and Public in General Terms:

    Giving them the chance of gaining access to first quality material for events that may require it.